Hand-painted: the Art of Business

Signage announces and defines a store, restaurant or business. It is more than utilitarian, however. It is an opportunity to convey style, brand attributes and aesthetic. That is where hand painting excels.

Sure, there are machines that can cut vinyl letters or print graphics on vinyls, but those signs deteriorate more quickly than a hand-painted sign. Hand-painted signs are nuanced, with drop shadows, decorative lettering and dynamic designs unavailable digitally, plus they hold up better in rain, sun and snow. Museums and collectors acquire old signs, because they most certainly are art -- and they have survived to get old.

It is simply a fact that you can’t digitally print onto a brick facade. Hand painted windows look beautiful from inside and out. There’s gold leaf, pin-striping and flourishes that fit the available space and unify the theme. A sign will say more than just your name. There is no surface or project to which hand painting cannot be applied. Menus, sandwich boards and alleyways become works of art while still marketing your brand.

If you have an idea for hand-painting, run it by our artist. We are passionate craftsmen, ready to work within your budget. Collaborate and bring you business to life with custom work that balances information and aesthetic. You won’t regret it.

Triumph motorcycle gas tank painting
Sign painting in progress