Meet the Stender Brothers

Stender Brothers Sign Co. was established in 2015 by Kurt and Erik Stender. Originally from Saranac Lake NY, they found signage to be a perfect melding of their experience, skills and trades.

Kurt, an artist by nature, spent 15 years inking his own designs at Lola’s Tattoos in Bogota NJ. He dedicated his free time to painting. After learning to pinstripe his vehicles, he began investigating sign painting. He found a larger “canvas” for his traditional hand lettering and mural work. In 2012 he set out to perfect his technique. He studied sign painting at Signs & Designs by DJ in Garfield NJ, then traveled to London to study decorative glass art under David A. Smith. Kurt is both craftsman and artist.

Erik is the resident jack-of- all-trades. Working with his father he learned masonry. He is skilled in metal work and fabrication as well as electrical wiring. Signage fabrication and installation puts all of his expertise to work. He can configure and fabricate a workable solution for any signage project. Between working for an electrician, the sign shop and volunteer firefighting, it’s fair to say Erik can solve most installation problems and has no problem with heights.

Stender Brothers Sign Co. puts each of the brothers’ skills to use and they take great pride in their work. Stender Brothers wants to make your business look its best, whether it is recreating an existing logo or trademark or working with you to create something new that effectively communicates the best elements of your business.

Kurt Stender
Erik Stender